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Interview with Bob Schmidt about his radio career
Aug 13th, 2019 by increasebusinessprofits at 6:41 pm

Bob is a radio veteran who has spent the past three decades communicating with listeners. His conversations revolve around people from all walks of life, including entertainers, business owners, and everyday people with unique ranges of expertise and experiences. On both his podcasts and his microcasts, his intention is to inspire, educate and entertain, and he select his guests accordingly. Bob has a love for knowledge and enjoy learning. One of the things he is most proud of is that he is a knowledgeable, involved, dedicated, hardworking, self-motivated person.
As for Bob's education, he graduated from Brown Institute in 1988, Dale Carnegie leadership training in 2011, and Western Technical College in 2018. He invites you to eavesdrop on great conversations, by listening to my Podcasts and Microcasts at or

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