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Feb 6th, 2020 by increasebusinessprofits at 8:52 pm

I talk to Kevin Hood, a coach about how activities help a business person stay healthy.

Kevin is from Detroit, Michigan.  He spent his early twenties immersed in nature, music, carpentry and yoga.  A bout with chronic illness sent him deeper into our ancestral roots of health and spiritual wisdom.  After four years of running a construction business he recognized the struggle for entrepreneurs to keep their mind and their bodies healthy and supple so they can bring more of themselves to the change they want to make in the world.

Jan 31st, 2020 by increasebusinessprofits at 4:13 pm

Are you ready for the unexpected to happen in your business, is you mind ready to deal with those unexpected item that come up, everyday. Can you handle change that is force on you and your business?

Jan 23rd, 2020 by increasebusinessprofits at 5:48 pm

Great discussion with a friend of mine about commitment and what it takes and what it means. Travis Merrick was friend of mine who had a very good overall feel of business and people and who's I respected.

Jan 20th, 2020 by increasebusinessprofits at 9:09 pm

You have set goals for the New Year right? Do you remember what they are? I suggest that you carry them with you and remind yourself daily.

Jan 10th, 2020 by increasebusinessprofits at 4:25 pm

For 2020 I have develop a daily routine that I plan to follow 70% of the time to get me to my 2020 goals.

Dec 27th, 2019 by increasebusinessprofits at 3:07 pm

As a business owner you need to develop other sources of business to keep moving forward when time turn bad.

Dec 13th, 2019 by increasebusinessprofits at 11:39 am

Look up and face the music, face your failure and look at them as learning experience, setbacks as opportunity to correct or adjust your efforts, wipe failure out of your mind and move forward.

Dec 5th, 2019 by increasebusinessprofits at 8:11 pm

Have you created rituals or routines you do do daily? Mike Murdock is an American christian singer-songwriter, and pastor. His quote "The secret to your future is hidden in your daily routine", a quote I like.

Dec 2nd, 2019 by increasebusinessprofits at 4:51 pm

Running a business, dealing with employee's and the holiday's for some it can be too much.

Nov 22nd, 2019 by increasebusinessprofits at 5:26 pm

I find that people who are proud of their business are much satisfied, then those who are not, which are you?